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Gabriel Ananda

Exclusive (ex-Benelux)

Gabriel Ananda uses a “hybrid” setup, a combination of live and DJ in which he can play and manipulate his own productions as well as tracks from other artists. The best of both worlds.


Robert Babicz

G/A/S exclusive

Robert Babicz performs only live, and his sets are quite unbelievable really, spanning from 2 to 6 hours long including only his own music. He is available for bookings in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.


Falko Brocksieper


With more than 100 releases, Falko Brocksieper is a knowledgeable DJ with a more-than-impressive record collection and an experienced performer. He is available for DJ sets or live performances.

Gabriel Ananda and Marcel Janovsky Back2Back

Their seamless combinations of House, Dub and Techno will satisfy your hunger, and you will quickly understand why their performance has been described as “Simply Amazing.”




Franca’s energy is one of a kind. Her vinyl-only DJ sets span anywhere from 2-6 hours and she has the ability, and the records to play techno, house, swing, and everything in between.

Tim Engelhardt Booking

Tim Engelhardt


Young and upcoming German artist Tim Engelhardt is available for live-sets via WIR Booking now!


Till Krüger


Till Krüger performs live using only his own productions taking his listeners on a journey through music from easy listening deep house to pushing Detroit techno. Available worldwide.

marcel janovsky

Marcel Janovsky


Marcel Janovsky is not only an outstanding DJ, but also the Treibstoff and WIR label owner, as well as the founder of the WIR-Network. He is available for DJ sets worldwide.




Whether it’s their straight forward DJ sets, or their techno fueled live performance, RaucherEcke never disappoint. They are available for DJ sets and live performances worldwide.